Making Conferencing a SNAP!

Last year I realized that I needed to get myself organized a little better when it came to conferring with my students in both reading and writing.  I decided this year to make a conferring binder for myself that would include information on both reading and writing.

Here is what my binder looks like:

I use a basic white binder and then I love these tabs below because I number my students.  This way I can use the tabs year after year.  The cover is editable so you can customize it with your own name.

Take a look at what's inside:

I like to color code things so on my planning calendar, I use one color for reading and one color for writing so I can easily see who I scheduled to meet with each day.  I only schedule two students a day, but there are many days I can see more than that.  I just don't want to "overbook" myself!

Next I have a page that I record my conferences at a glance.  This gives me a quick visual to see if there is a student who I haven't met with often enough.  For example, in my picture you can see that I have only met with Nick once.  He will most likely be the next student I try to meet with.  This page is also editable.  I just chose to print the blank copy and write in names.  Next time I will type them in because I think it looks a little cleaner.  :)

 When I meet with students these are the forms I fill out.  I keep multiple copies behind each student number.  At the top is the student's name and their writing or reading goals.  I like saving paper so I put three days worth of notes on one page.  Plus, I feel like it is easier to look back at the previous notes when they are more condensed.

I also keep some reading and writing goals handy just in case I am not sure what goal to set next for my student.  I can glance through the list.  This list is by no means an end all be all list.  It just has SOME goals that you could set for your students.

If you think this is something you need in your classroom, you can grab it here from my TpT store.

Do you conference daily with students?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your conferencing binder! I am a HUGE color coder! It makes life more fun and easier to manage! :)

    Carlee Van Ness
    The Kindergarten Press