Planning for a Sub {Bright Idea}

I don't know about you, but I dread planning for a sub.  Actually, I should say that I used to dread planning for a sub.  I would spend a really long time planning and prepping and getting everything ready.  I finally this year feel like I have perfected my sub plans {only after 8 years of teaching}.

Let me show you what I do to make my life so much easier when planning and prepping for a sub.

First of all, I have a sub tub.  This idea isn't new.  It isn't mine.  I'm sure you have seen it.  You just label a tub as your "sub tub."  Easy right?

Well, I want to talk to you about what is inside that sub tub that makes planning so much easier.  The first most important thing I have is my sub binder.  In it I put all the school and classroom information so I don't have to put that in my sub plans.  I just write in my plans to review the information in the binder before the students arrive.

I have hanging folders and then put file folders with the subject and time to teach it.

Inside each folder I put the basic information about that subject.  For example, in my calendar folder I keep my calendar prompt.

It makes it so much easier to just plug in the activities for the day in the sub plans and then stick any copies in that file folder.

Lastly, I always keep extra books and work in the back of the tub so that the sub can easily grab something if there is extra time.

I went from spending hours planning for a sub to getting plans done pretty quickly.  It has been a real time saver.

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  1. Great ideas! Planning for a sub is usually more work than just being there! :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. THIS!!! Great idea! Thanks for sharing- I am sure it makes planning for a sub 10X's easier. I will make this in the fall!
    Kathleen from Not So Wimpy Resources,LLC

  3. Your sub tub looks great! I really like your sub tub sign too. :)

    Brittany Weidlich
    Lovely Literacy and More

  4. I have a sub tub, but I never thought to file easy go-to read alouds inside. I probably have a ton of TPT products that could be put with the books as well. Great idea :)

  5. Great ideas! I love your sign and the file box you used. Where did you get them?

  6. I also have hanging file folders for each subject for subs, and I even made a tub for myself for thoughout the week. I can easily grab items I use daily for teaching certain subjects.