Spring Cleaning Classroom Routines Blog Hop

Hi friends, I had a great time in French Lick, IN with over 100 other amazing teachers and bloggers for an epic weekend.  I am sure by now you have heard all about the teachers taking over French Lick.  If not, you can follow everyone's posts on IG and Facebook with #springteacherbloggermeetup2015.  Yep, longest hashtag ever.  Haha!

Not only did I spend time with amazing people all weekend, but I was also lucky enough to be share a room with these fabulous ladies:

Latoya Reed (Flying Into First), Alexandria Jackson (Classroom Action with Ms. Jackson), 
CaseyJane Cooper (Wiggling Scholars), Heidi Neels (Flipping for First), and me.  :)

We know that not everyone could make it to the meet up so we wanted to share our fun with you by offering some fresh ideas, a fun blog hop, and a giveaway.  :)

I don't know about you, but during January, February, and March sometimes routines in the classroom can get a little stale.  We teach them a lot in the beginning of the year, but by this point our little sweeties might "forget" those routines or rules.  I have a couple of ways I like to keep things fresh during this long stretch.

#1  Have a variety of attention-grabbers for your students.  They always need to keep an ear or eye out for the different ways you are asking for their attention.  Some of my favorites:

#2  Re-teaching the procedures and rules.  I re-teach my procedures again in January after winter break and then again in the spring after spring break.  Just keep these fresh in their little minds.

#3  I LOVE to praise and reward my students, but I am not always into giving them a tangible item.  I found these little babies at the dollar store and bought them up right away.  When I see a student working extra hard, I sneak over grab one of these and put it on their table.  They get to keep all day long.  You would not believe how much this motivates my students.  

#4 I can't say this is my idea because it isn't.  It is my principal's, but I love it and it has really helped with behaviors in the classroom.  We give out "Caught Being Good" cards that we call Wampums.  Randomly on the back of some is this cute duck stamp.  If a student gets a card with a duck, they get to go to the principal's office and get a rubber ducky out of her duck pond.  The kiddos flip over these ducks.

I hope you can use some of these ideas in your classroom to help keep things fresh during this long stretch.  As a  thank you for being fabulous followers and to share the love a bit you can enter the giveaway to win a product of your choice from my TpT store.

Now hop on over to my friend Ms. Jackson's blog to read about some other ideas and enter her giveaway.  :)
Have a great week friends.  I know I will!


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  1. I love the Caution signs! Such a great idea! This weekend was so much fun! I loved the conversation we had in the 12 hours we spent in the van! I am already looking forward to next year's meet up!
    Heidi Neels
    Flipping for First