Let's Play a Sight Word Game

I recently created a couple of new sight word game packs that are based off of the sight word game "Crash."  As a result, I have had quite a few emails asking how to play this game.  This post should explain it and clear up any questions you may have!

I am using the version that my students are currently using (Winter).  You can find my year long packs here.

 Start with all the cards of your chosen theme placed face down.  I just let my students put them in a pile like this or you could have them stack them up.  This is just easier and faster.  :)

You can play with at least two students, but I wouldn't play with more than four at a time.  I make multiple "decks" if I am having more than four students play.

First student chooses a card and reads the sight word on the card.  If they can read the word, they get to keep it.  If they cannot read the word, the card goes back into the pile.

Then the next student takes a turn and follows the same steps.

If a student draws a "crash" card, (in this case a snowflake card) the student puts all their word cards back in the pile, but keeps the "crash" card.

Continue to play the game until all the cards have been played.  I usually just call that the end of the game and let the students play again, but you can let the students count their cards and whoever has the most can be the winner.  I don't particularly like letting them count to find a winner because it creates some unwanted drama with my kiddos.  ;)

I have created a pre-primer and a primer version of this game.  Each set includes 14 different themed versions of this game.  I teach my students how to play the game and then I can easily switch it out with different themes and different sight words as they progress throughout the year.

I use this as a center or as an activity for early finishers.  The students know exactly what to do and how to play.  I absolutely love this game!

If you have any other questions, please comment below and I will answer them for all to see.  Someone else may have the same question as you!  :)

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