Bright Ideas Round Up

As you may have noticed, I have been participating in a link-up each month with some other amazing bloggers called "Bright Ideas."  Over the past few months, we have shared thousands of ideas.  This month we are re-capping some of our ideas just in case you missed them!

Here are some of my "bright ideas" just click on the picture to head to original post!

I like to make the most of the space in my classroom.  Here is a bright idea about how to hang your anchor charts:

The end of the day can be busy and we are trying to get our students out the door.  See how I say goodbye to my students so that they always leave on a positive note:

Do you have your students create an end of year gift for each other?  I do.  See all about it here:

Teachers love to be organized.  I have an easy system to keep my guided reading groups materials neat and organized.  You can read about it in this post:

I also have a post all about how I keep my students' supplies organized.  Organization in the classroom keeps me sane!

I use a quick trick on my tables to teach my students personal space.  You can read about what I do right here:

I hope that you have enjoyed these bright ideas and found something useful that you can use in your classroom.  Be sure to check out the link up below for tons more bright idea from some other amazing bloggers.

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