Peek at My Week ~ Keeping It Real

I wanted to post my first peek at my week for the school a couple weeks ago, but honestly I was a little intimidated.

I love reading about everyone's plans and looking at how other teachers organize their day.  Why was I intimidated then?  Well, it was because my students seem to be quite a bit further behind than other teacher's blogs I am reading.

Am I worried about this?  Well, honestly, yes, I am.  Only because I know where I need to get these little pumpkins at the end of the year.  I am not, though, going to stress about how my class is doing compared to other classes.

This week we are still focusing a lot on procedures.  Last week was a bit of a mess at our building so things were out of whack a bit.  (You can read about why here).

I am planning to have a 15 minute (or more if needed) to just review procedures again.  We will be reviewing and practicing everything from bathroom procedures to how to get a new pencil.  I know this will help in the long run of the year as it will my students.

Without further ado, here are my plans:

Reading:  We will continue working our way through the alphabet, but our main focus this week will be names.  (I have quite a few pumpkins who do not know how to write their name)  I plan on using my ABC book and then Deanna Jump's Name Unit.

Writing:  I am not sure if we are quite ready or not for this, but we are going to start using Deanna & Deedee's Writer's Workshop Unit #1.  (You can grab it here)

Math:  We are learning about numbers 1-10.  Last week we focused on 1-5 so this week we will focus on 6-10.  We will use my Number Book and Math Centers Starter Pack to help us learn our numbers.

Word Work:  We are going to start by trying to learn the difference between a letter and a word.  Then we will learn about our first two sight words:  a and I.  

Science:  We are learning about what a scientist is and then will complete some color mixing experiments.

My goal is do either my fall or farm unit next week, but I am not sure yet.  I need to see how my pumpkins are doing at the end of the week.  I would also like to introduce literacy and/or math centers next week, but once again we will see.  I don't want to start it before they are really ready.


  1. Looks great! You are a rock star girl :)

  2. Looks like you're doing a great job!! Let me encourage you to just go with the writing. I promise you the kids will love it! I was so scared last year when I started it......thinking that it probably wouldn't work, but it did. This year with my new kinder cubs, they are doing just as well and I feel much more relaxed with their writing. Oh yes there were some bad days as well, but overall we all came out knowing more about writing. :)