June Currently and Winner

It is officially summer vacation!  I am beyond thrilled.  I love sleeping in, spending time with my kiddos, and enjoying the sun outside.

Once again, I am a little late to the party, but I am linking up with the ever fabulous and hilarious Farley for this month's Currently!

Listening:  As I said it's first day of summer vacation.  My kids are still sleeping and I am sitting on the couch with my laptop enjoying my coffee and listening to the birds outside chirping.  It's the best!

Loving:  Summer!!!  Need I say more??

Thinking:  I know this shouldn't be on my mind, but it is.  I am taking two grad classes this summer.  I am hoping to still get some relaxation in, but I need to get started on my first assignments for my classes.

Wanting:  I love that my kids and I get to spend so much time together just us during the summer.  We always make a summer fun list with all the things we want to do over the summer.  We try to complete as many of them as possible.  We usually complete them all or most of the all.  I can't wait to get started on our list today!

Needing:  Now that I am done teaching for the summer I will be doing most of the cooking at our house.  Usually that is my hubby's job because he is better at it than I.  :)  Anyone have some great EASY recipes they would love to share?  I would love it!

Sumer Bucket List:
1.  I can't wait to get back here for ten days of relaxation!

2.  We love to spend time outside and I plan on doing that as much as possible.  Even if it means taking my laptop out on the deck to work on assignments for grad school.

3.  I have been participating in #3weeksnocheats and have done great about my eating.  I have even lost almost 5 pounds in two weeks, but I really need to get back to working out consistently.  Hoping to find my groove this week and get back in that habit.

And now for the winner of my Rhyme to Read app........congrats goes to Kimberly Chaiken!  Kimberly, check your email!  :)

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to link up with Farley so we can read all about your currently!


  1. Great post! It is GREAT having time off with your own kids, huh? And my husband does all the cooking too. .. . even in the summer (he also teaches). I'm going to look up your 3weeksnocheats right now! Have a GREAT summer break and don't work too hard on your grad school stuff!

  2. My hubby is a much better cook than I am. I will cook if I have to...but I don't love it. He is way more creative with food than I ever will be. I just want to eat it lol

    I love summer too...it's the best perk of the job. Having an excuse to hang out with my own kids every day is awesome.

    I am starting my doctorate this summer so I will be spending a lot of time working on grad school stuff also...but I definitely plan to enjoy my time away from school too. It's all about balance. (Work on grad school while the kids sleep in, then you have the rest of the day to be together. It worked well for me when I did my Master's.)

  3. What a nice surprise I had when I checked my email today!!! Thank you so much!!!! I still have 5 more days of school with my kiddos. I am so ready for summer and fun times with my own 4 kids. I also will be spending 3 weeks teaching summer school. Again thank you for all that you do to help us fellow teachers, you brighten our days. :)