Fun Math App

I have previously posted about some literacy and math apps that I like to use in my classroom.  You can read about that {here} and {here}.

Today I wanted to tell you about a new math app I came across called Champs of Numeria.

It is like a tic tac toe, but in order to place your piece you have to answer a math problem.  There is a range of abilities in the game anywhere from beginner to advanced.

You can have up to four players at a time.  Sometimes I am not able to have enough iPads for all the students to use individually so this is a great app for the students to use during those times.

When the students start the game, they get to choose their character.  You can see some of the choices in the picture above.  My students love all the fun choices of characters.

Once the characters are chosen, the students get to play the game.

You can see in the picture above that there are three math problems to choose from.  The student chooses a problem and finds the answer on the board.  You hold down that number until it changes.  Then the next player will take their turn.  Each time it is a new player's turn, that character is shown.  I love this because then my students don't argue about whose turn it is.

The students are trying to get four of their numbers in a row.  Not only do the students need math skills to play this game, but they also need strategy.  It is really interesting to watch my students play the game and see what strategy they use to play the game.  Are they just worrying about their four in a row or are they trying to stop their opponent?

I have to tell you that when my students play this game they are so engaged.  They help each other with the math problems.

I would not recommend this app for the beginning of kindergarten, but second semester is a great time for this game.  I waited until after our addition unit before I introduced this game.  We worked for a long time on addition so I thought this would be perfect for independent practice.  I know that some of the other grade level teachers in my building have let their students try it out with harder problems like multiplication or subtraction.

Are you interested in getting this game for yourself?

Just head to the app store and look for Champs of Numeria.  It is only $0.99.  You won't regret your purchase.

Have you tried out this app?  I would love to hear your thoughts about it as well!  :)


  1. Thanks for sharing! I am always on the look out for new apps, especially math and even more so now that we got a set of 5 new mini ipads for the class :) I will have to check these out on Monday when we start back up from Spring Break. Eeek! I hope all in your class is going well in your class as the end of the year approaches quickly. Yippee!

    Lovely Literacy and More

  2. I love apps where a team can use it to play a game! Counting Together is a good one for eaerly on in the year. The math problem shown in the photo seems pretty difficult even for later kindergarten - does it have an easier setting?
    Thanks for the info!