Five for Friday: Spring Break Edition

I have been on Spring Break this week.  I wish I could say that I spent lots of time in PJ's and lounging on the couch, but it was a busy week.  That's ok though because it was still a great week.

I am linking up Doodle Bugs Teaching this week for Five for Friday.

#1 - Indiana Blogger/Teacher Meet-Up
I know I already posted about this, but this past weekend was just amazing.  If you ever have a chance to go to a meet-up, you need to GO!

I love my job.....I really do love my job, but it doesn't mean I wasn't completely ready for Spring Break.  It was very much needed.  I feel energized now and ready to go back and finish the year with my amazing little kinder babies!

#3 - Jamberry Nails
I had a Jamberry party and decided to become a consultant because what else do you when your life is already crazy busy?  Well in my life I just keep doing more...haha!  I am loving my Jamberry fingers and toes.  Are you interested in Jamberry?  Go to my Facebook page and click on the FREE tab to request a sample.  :)

#4 - Saying Goodbye
If you follow me on IG, you already saw this picture.  I said goodbye to my grandparent's house this week.  They are moving on Monday and I went for my last visit and to help pack this week.  They have lived in this house for 50 years.  It was my second home growing up and I will forever cherish the memories that were made there.  I hate goodbyes and I know it is only a house but I still cried when I left.  I am though looking forward to making many memories in their new house.

#5 - Spending time with my family
I was able to see my sweet little niece and nephew as well as spend lots of time with my own kiddos during this break.  Nothing beats spending time with these cuties.

 Jazz Hands!

He was not amused with

Have you already had Spring Break?  If not, when do you have break?  

I would love to hear about your week.  Why don't you head on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching so you can link up!


  1. Oh, saying goodbye to your grandparent's home is a heartbreaking experience. My grandmother lived her home for over 60 years when we moved her out. Your story reminded me of that very tough event in our lives. Our parents (in their 80's), are very close to doing this as well. Dreading the day. Happy to hear you had fun with your little ones!

  2. :) Glad you had a great week... and so happy I could spend a little of it with you! Elizabeth was right! She said I would love you... and I truly do! Blogging has led to so many great friendships! Enjoy your weekend... and seeing your kinder-babies!

  3. Four more days of teaching before I get my Spring Break! I love my job too....but am ready for a break from early mornings and packing lunches every night! Glad you enjoyed your week!

    ABCs and Polkadots

  4. Your kids, nieces, and nephews are adorable! Glad you got to spend some nice time with them. I'm sure it is tough seeing your grandparents move. I hope they will the transition will go as smoothly as possible.

    Compassionate Teacher