13 in '13

I am linking up with Hadar, Kristin, and Traci for the 13 in '13 linky.

I think I will have to agree that leggings are probably my favorite article of clothing.  I was shopping once with my 15 year old niece and I was looking for shirts that I could wear with leggings.  She asked what my obsession with leggings was........I said because they are basically sweatpants only socially acceptable....duh!!!  ;)

 I could not think of a new movie I saw all year that wasn't animated.  I consulted my hubby and he confirmed my suspicions.....we only went and saw movies with the kids this year.  I really liked Monster's University.  It was super cute.

I didn't watch any new TV series this year, but I do love Pretty Little Liars.  I did watch Ravenswood, the spin off, but I can't decide what I think about it yet?!?!

This was easy.  For our ten year anniversary, my hubby and I went to a fabulous restaurant down in the Ozarks called J.B. Hooks.  It was one of the best meals of my life.  I had a scallop dish that was to die for!!!

I started creating fonts.  Actually, I only created a few, but I really enjoy it.  I have just been so busy that I haven't kept up with it.  Here is a free one from my TpT store.

My hubby got me the BEST christmas gift......a DSLR camera.  He was so nervous about it that he told me before Christmas and let me help pick it out. 

The link for this pin was broken, but I just loved it.  I am the cupcake lady of the family so this was just perfect.

My favorite post was this one here.  It was from when someone touched my elf on the shelf.  I was upset when it happened and then had to think fast about what to do.  This was my solution.

I don't know if this counts, but having an amazing student teacher.  I think she will be a fabulous teacher no matter if she was paired with me or not, but I feel like I had a part in her awesome teaching skills.  I am so proud of her!!

This is a picture from our best friends' wedding.  Yep, my BFF married my hubby's BFF.  They surprised us during the reception by playing our wedding song since we were celebrating our ten year anniversary.  Really we shouldn't call them friends because they are family to us.  I am so happy that they found each other.

I would say that the wedding was my favorite memory because we had such a great time, but since I already mentioned it I thought I would choose something different.  

I got to meet up with friends Elizabeth from Kickin' It In Kindergarten and Erin from It's OWL Good in Kindergarten.  We had a blast in Chicago!  I can't wait to meet up again in VEGAS!!

My main goal for 2014 is spend more quality time with my family.  We are one very busy crew and I feel like our "quality" time keeps dwindling.  Maybe we will have one evening a week that is family night where we do something new or fun......not sure yet.  Will have to discuss that with my hubs, but it sounds like a good idea right??

POSITIVE - I want to always look for the positive in everything.  I think it will help me not to worry as much and relax.  Plus, who wants to be around a debbie downer all the time?  I know I don't.  :)

Here's to a great past year and a fabulous one to come!


  1. I have to agree- I loved that blog post and it was so helpful when one of my littles touched the elf! (On Day 2, no less. I sure have a class of limit-testers this year!) We totally have the same goal. I've loved getting to spend time with my hubby this winter break, it's the most we've seen each other all year. Happy New Year Amanda!

    Fun in PreK-1 & Kinder

  2. I loved your solution to your elf post. We have a school-wide elf and he is always quite high, so we have not had that happen before.

    Are you going to I Teach K this summer? I would love to meet up!

    A Very Curious Class

    1. I plan on attending I Teach K! If I do, we should definitely meet up!!