Halloween, Pumpkins, and Frankenstein

It is Halloween week and there is a full moon......I think any teacher knows what this means:  the kiddos are wound up.  Not just the ones at school either, but my two little pumpkins at home are feeling the excitement of the upcoming holiday.

In order to keep my little kinders focused this week I decided to just focus on Halloween and it has worked wonders so far!

First we read the Halloween Night shared reading book from my Happy Halloween Unit on TPT.  You can get this unit for yourself {here}.

Then we thought of words that come to mind when we think of Halloween.  We made this web.  I thought they did a pretty good job.  I was hoping for mostly adjectives, but I still think it works ;)

We used the web to make a Halloween poem and then the students illustrated the poem with markers!  Markers are a big deal in my classroom because we don't use them too often.  Here are a couple of my little sweeties poems.   I think they did great!

Last Spring, my class made a craft using our pictures and when I hung them in the hallway our night custodian thought they were Frankensteins, but they weren't.  It was really quite comical because she was trying to figure out why I would have my class make Frankensteins in the spring.  Fast forward to October and she starts asking me when are we going to make Frankensteins.  So, we decided we would make Frankensteins for Ms. Deb. The kids loved making these and they did a great job with them.  They especially loved when Ms. Deb came in and "ooh"ed and "aahh"ed over their hard work!  Here is my Frankenstein and then a few of the students.

 Today we are taking our first field trip of the year and we are going to the pumpkin patch.  Then tonight is our school's Oktoberfest which is basically like an evening Halloween party for the kids since we don't have Halloween "parties" in the classroom anymore at our building.  It is going to be a long day, but well worth it!

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