About Me

My name is Amanda Pauley and I am in my 12th year of teaching.  This will be my 2nd year as a K-5 instructional coach.  Previously, I have taught kindergarten, first grade, and third grade.  I love to laugh, make people smile, and have fun!  I like to do the same in my classroom.  I like to teach using hands-on learning and cooperative learning as much as possible.

I am a wife of over 15 years and a mother to two sweet little ones.  (If you can say 13 and 11 is little?)  I like spending time with my family any chance I get.  We like to spend time outside, drawing with sidewalk chalk, riding bikes, or taking walks.  We also love to take trips to the Ozarks with our family and spend time just relaxing at the lake.

I started blogging because I was so inspired by the amazing teaching blogs out there.  I wanted to share the ideas I had rattling around in my brain.  I love sharing, creating, and being inspired by other teachers.

Thank you for stopping by!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!


  1. Amanda,

    I tried to post about your behavior system, but I don't think it posted correctly. I am interested in changing my behavior system for this coming year. I love how the students pick the stick based on which rule they broke. My questions are: Do you have any type of calendar that communicates with their parents how they did for the day (besides the 3 stick one). I would want the parents to know if they did not get any sticks or if they may have gotten a few and if so.. which ones. Please let me know if you have any document that communicates this with the parents - and how it may be laid out. Thank you! Christy

    1. Hi Christy, can you email me at mrspauleyskindergarten@gmail.com please? It might be an easier way for us to communicate. I am happy to share how I did my behavior system. :)

    2. Amanda,
      Thank you! I sent you an email. I can't wait to hear how it all works! :)


  2. Hi,

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    happy teaching!